Mira ( Maya Mockingbird) Melanot and Maya Mockingbird (original)


MIra is what’s known as a Mocker/Mockingbird: having the ability to shape shift into the form of something else provided she interacts with it; in her face, a kiss; and take its form. She can also transfigure other objects, although she can only do limited harm with these illusions and must rely on psychological damage. Mira was actually born Maya, but when her little sister “died” she took on her name and vowed to make the humans pay for killing her family.

Born to a family of angels in hiding during the middle of the war. Most parents who give birth to Mockers give them away; although not for a lack of love their lack of faces make them repugnant and are often abused, and they are often shipped to the Temple of the Nameless, where they can live peacefully with other Mockers rather than constantly struggle with an ever changing face. Rather, their parents chose to keep Maya, and rather spend their time travelling with a group of the nomadic Viridi, explaining the ability of Maya and Mira to speak the language. Despite their sad childhood, the family had eachother and were happy, and Maya was a dedicated sister.

But everything changed when a group of humans attacked their wagons, causing a fire that only Maya, the older, was able to escape from. Distraught, Maya took on her sister’s name and face, and escaped into the filthy underbelly of Aerie, making her meager survival by using her ability to turn into other people for money. A sexual element is implied, but its more often she was turned into other’s ex girlfriends to beat, people’s bosses, and basically became an outlet for abuse.

This is what led Silverbone, smelling out a powerful ally, right to her doorstep. Showing her with love and promising her revenge on the humans who destroyed her family. Rescuing her and giving her a purpose and a home has solidified her complete loyalty within the Council of the Clear, particularly to Silverbone.

Sadly her defeat in the first book makes her nearly unusable to Silverbone. He imprisons her, knowing she knows too much to be freed but unwilling to kill her and lose any use of her abilities. Her sister, the original Mira Mockingbird, maimed but not dead, emerges in book 4 to beg the Knights of the Star King to rescue her sister—sadly, by the time they get to her it is too late; she has already made the foolish mistake of mimicking the appearance of the one person she should have never gone near—Silverbone’s long dead wife, Lilith. He ends her life in a fit of rage that has at that point yet been seen in the entire series, and she dies in her sister’s arms.

Mira ( Maya Mockingbird) Melanot and Maya Mockingbird (original)

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