Princess Morningdove/ Queen Asteria Oliver

The daughter of King Ark and Queen Eden, and mother to Dove.


The daughter and only child of Queen Eden and King Ark, Princess Morningdove was incubated in pure magic when her mother ate of the apple of magic. She was, until the birth of her son, Dove, the most powerful Angel in history. Morningdove had a gentle and loving nature, as attested by legend, and was the second Visionary after her mother. Sheltered and coddled by her family, who sought to marry her to the very best to assume that the powerful immortals she would birth would be good and pure, Morningdove was betrothed to Skylark, one of her parent’s 7 knights. But her pure heart and completely sheltered, controlled nature led to tragedy—she instead broke her engagement having fallen in love with Velasco Silverbone, the human son of the exiled Silver Bone of the former Clan, coming to take revenge for his father.

Although the two come close to a happy ending, in the end, Velasco chooses to avenge his father. Using manipulation, he allows his father access to the Royal Stronghold via ambush and he himself and ends up killing Ark and Eden and sealing away the 7 knights for good. In the battle, the original Silver Bone is killed by Morningdove herself, traumatizing her. With the death of the Royals by human hands, the world of angels and humans is plunged into complete chaos. Meanwhile, the only one left is Morningdove, who disappears into the world, sheds her name and wanders the earth, as she is unable to initiate her own death (Visionary’s law of lifestrength)

Millenia later, she has disappeared into myth and legend, and without the 7 Knights, the world continues in separatism and bloodshed.

Thousands of years later,


Princess Morningdove/ Queen Asteria Oliver

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