Spider Withering


A monsterminded girl who has a particular affinity not for birds but for their natural prey, the insects, particularly spiders and butterflies. A pale, withdrawn, bespectactled with with braids with a dark disposition. Powerless in keeping with the prey attribute. Her mother is the Rat King. Her mother gave everything for a strong human shield spell to protect her from Silverbone’s forces, but her intense magical power rebelled against the shield and almost tore her in half. Her mother nearly saves her in the end but just before, she is snatched away by the Mockingbird and joins the Silver Ring.


Her father was a human, a rather horrible man who made his money as a monster hunter. Murida met him as a poor urchin in the Sunken World. He took her in as a young teenager and eventually developed a sexual relationship with her. He despised angels, and her mother, Murida Withering, kept her identity as an angel from him. However, when she birthed an egg, she was forced to flee, with Spider’s father chasing her down to murder them both.

Murida’s fled into the cracks of an underground tunnel to hatch her egg, and lived there in hiding, eating nothing but rats and small bugs. She noticed that her baby was unafraid of the insects and, upon watching her coax a large spider for her meal into her baby hands decided to name her Spider, to thank the creatures that kept them from starving.

Still, she knew she couldn’t live under the bridges forever, not with a baby that couldnt control her angelic powers. Through some trickery and old knowledge, she managed to happen upon a weakened Spellcaster who agreed to perform a Human Shield spell on Spider—but with a lack of food and weakened by disease, Spider’s spell was filled with cracks and abnormalities that left the poor child with problems for years to come—magic seeping through the cracks as well as symptons that left her thinking she was gravely ill.

After the spell was sealed, Murida dropped her child off at an orphanage to live among the humans for safekeeping, watching her from afar to keep her protected from her father, as well as Silver forces. Spider grew up in Saint Almana’s (The Last Sanctuary), a church hidden away in the underbelly of the Sunken World, lead by the last human

Spider Withering

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