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Sky Symbolism

Each character brings something to the team and overall story

Dove Stellar: High psychic, high skill/fighting, high spellcasting, decent speed, decent agility, high stamina, decent endurance, decent intelligence, high charisma and leadership. Low manipulation and calculation. Highest stats due to being the main character, developed over time. Is the leader of the group. Can take large hits.

Francilly Nepholo: High agility, high strength, high fighting and high endurance, high stamina. Low intelligence, low stealth and low speed, decent charisma and decent manipulation. Is the groups Tank—wearing down the opponent or using her strength and weapon to “push” physical obstacles from her path, as well as “carry” her teammates" when they run out of stamina. Can take extra-large hits.

Grendel Alder: Healer and long-range. High intelligence, high aim, decent stamina, high speed, decent stealth. low endurance. Can only take medium-small hits. Generally uses potions and his longrange needle shooter to heal others or poison the enemy. Will go down quickly so prefers not to attack or get hit. The group’s Healer.

Crow Corvidrune: The primary spellcaster and defense. The Mage and Defense of the group. High magic, high spellcasting, can take decent hits, decent speed, strength, stamina and endurance. Low manipulation but high observance and intelligence. Can cast high level spells but has to take a rest period. Can draw from outside sources if needed. Highly photopgraphic memory and rote memorization can remember thousands of spells, runes, and relevant information—the team’s encyclopedia.

Vesper Ren: The Stealth, Spy, and Speed. Extra high speed, extra high stealth and limited invisibility, as well as the ability to fly and act at night when the others eyes are compromised. Especially strong against shadow magic. Not much of a fighter, preferring to spy, observe and sneak around, but can throw some wicked smoke bombs or explosives before escaping with crucial information. Will allow Dove to search his head for what he saw.

The Parental Figures and Mentors

Atticus Lark
Extremely high spellcasting is his specialty, but there is little to nothing he can’t do—just things he wont. His job is to teach and if anything, it’s his patience that is low. Will not tolerate Unholy Magic. With either a sword, a scepter or a blinding spell, Atticus is the only character who can take Abraxas Silverbone head-on.

Lita Cardenal
Strong and smart and motherly, with low spellcasting (her magic lies in her ability to identify and work with magical material) She is the weapons-maker and mechanic of the group. Does not get into combat but creates weapons—however, she does have and hold a variety of self-swinging weaponry and robots.

On the Unholy Side

Abraxas Silverbone
The dark leader—high everything—channeling energy straight from the King of devils himself.

Passerina Mocking
Born without a face, therefore, able to use the ability to Shapeshift. Her high points are manipulation, intelligence, and the ability to use people’s fears and confusion against them. She does not combat directly.

General Rom Egret Winter
A high-level elemental with incredible leadership and war knowledge. Is the leader of Sb’s Silver Paramilitary. Before, when he was only a kind settled farmer, he used his ability to mai

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Misc Page for Brainstorming

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